Typical conflicts


The most frequently encountered conflicts concern the quality of work performed, delays and discussions about extra work.

Many construction issues run well in the beginning, but something goes wrong with the management - discussions arise as to whether there is a mistake in the work done, the mood is impacted and work is more or less on hold.


The builder is now in a difficult situation. On the one hand, you want to start building - on the other hand, you want to make sure that what is being done is up to code and of an acceptable standard.


When you are a private builder, we recommend that you have a construction expert to follow the construction so that you have a qualified counter to the contractor / craftsman.


We see many conflicts about daily fines. It is important that, as a builder, you make the contractor aware that daily fines begin to run, and that you are persistent - once a week - making an inventory of the current fines. If a construction case is running off the tracks, the best solution may sometimes be to terminate the contract after a reasonable notice, complete a state-of-the-art business (registering how far the work has come and how much is missing) and then continue with another contractor.


No matter where in the process the problems arise, we offer to advise and guide you through it.