The AB-system

The AB-system is a set of generel terms and conditions which apply to the building and construction industry.

The AB-system has existed for more a hundred years, and thus some of the different regulations overlap.

Therefore the AB-system has been revised and the old regulations have been replaced by the AB 18-system.

However, for cases that started when the AB92, ABR 89 and ABT93 where still applicable and for cases where contracts are based on these sets of regulations, the AB92, ABR 89 and ABT 93 are still applicable.

The old AB-system includes the following series of standard conditions:

- AB 92 - General Terms for Technical Consultation and Support

- ABT 93 - General Terms for Turnkey Construction Contracts

- ABR 89 - General Terms for Delivery and Construction contracts in the building and construction industry

The new AB 18 is combining and simplifiyng the above general terms.

We hold a free course in the regulations every other thursday. The course is primarely in Danish, but if you do not speak danish and wish to sign up for the course we are happy to make it in english. Please contact us for futher information.

Here you can read the AB 18 and the ABR 18 system underneath: