'AB Consumer'

What is 'AB consumer'?


AB Consumer is a so-called agreed document, which has been prepared for the purpose of entering into contracts between professionals (craftsmen, contractors) and privates. It can be used both in connection with the construction of a private house and in connection with rebuilding.

This is a voluntary agreement that the parties can use. The basis for AB Consumer is AB 92 (General Conditions for Work and Supplies in Construction).

AB 92 is primarily designed for the professional market.

AB Consumer is last revised in 2012.

Contracts based on 'AB consumer' provide consumers with a good legal protection in relation to the craftsman / contractor.

Disputes are settled by the ordinary courts, but should as a general rule be initiated by an appeal board.

We have extensive experience with contracts that have been concluded on the basis of AB consumer, and we can advise both in connection with the conclusion of contracts and in connection with any conflicts that arise in connection with the performance of the work.

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