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The new AB 18 system was published in June 2018 and has come to the world after thorough preparation.

Prior to the AB 18 system, we had AB 92, ABT 93 and ABR 89 agreements covering the legal relationship between builders and contractors, contractors and subcontractors (AB 92), the corresponding agreements regarding total contract (ABT 93) and agreements between builders and advisors (ABR 89).


These rules for 89, 92 and 93 are now revised and systematized so that AB 18, ABT 18 and ABR 18 are built around the same basic elements.


AB 18 and ABT 18 contain, in relation to the previous provisions of AB 92 and ABT 93, a number of provisions that, in our opinion, will primarily apply to larger buildings, including public buildings.

The committee, which has been responsible for drafting the new regulations, has been aware of this and has therefore made a simpler set of rules, AB 18 simplified and ABT 18 simplified, which can be applied in smaller - not so complicated - construction cases.


Below you can find AB 92 in English as well as the otheragreements in Danish.